Hospital Advisory Board

The Hospital Advisory Board is the supreme governing body of the University Hospital Zurich and consists of nine members. Its duties are similar to those of a Board of Directors within a corporation.

Seven members are elected by the government council and approved by the cantonal council. In addition, one person each is delegated by the University of Zurich and the Health Department of the Canton of Zurich. The Hospital Advisory Board is responsible for the overall direction, supervision and control of the management. Its activities are based on the Law on the University Hospital of Zurich (USZG), the ownership strategy adopted by the Cantonal Council and the performance mandates of the Canton of Zurich.

Main duties

  • Responsibility for fullfilling of the cantonal performance agreements
  • Arrangements for collaboration with universities
  • Reporting to the Government Council about the implementation of the Ownership Strategy
  • Application for increase or decrease of the endowment capital and for financial contributions
  • Adoption of the annual report, annual accounts, application for appropriation of profit or loss cover
  • Definition of the corporate strategy
  • Appointment of members of the Hospital Executive Board and directors of departments
  • Supervision
  • Appeals in the personnel area against orders


Jessica Graf, lic. iur. RA

Generalsekretärin Spitalrat

Tel. +41 43 253 18 20

Agatha Zimmermann, lic. iur. RA

Generalsekretärin Spitalrat

Tel. +41 43 253 18 20
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