Costs of the Checkup

We have developed three packages for our Healthy & Active Aging Checkup. The costs depend on the package you choose. We would be happy to discuss with you which services are ideal for you.




Costs CHF 2’400 CHF 2’800 CHF 3’600


Detailed discussion of all findings and examinations yes yes yes
Healthy & Active Aging consultation yes yes yes
Final report yes yes yes

Medical history

Detailed review of medical and family history yes yes yes
Detailed medication check (interaction) no yes yes
Tumor screening based on the most current guidelines yes yes yes
Immunization status yes yes yes
Clarification of diet regarding compliance with Mediterranean principles no yes yes
Discussion of nutrition to prevent cognitive decline no yes yes
Calcium and protein intake assessment yes yes yes
Detailed nutritional profile no yes yes
Psyche and cognition
Screening for cognitive function decline no yes yes
Screening for depression and anxiety yes yes yes
Clarification of reserves no no yes
Sleep quality
Detailed survey of sleep quality no yes yes
Screening for sleep apnea syndrome yes yes yes


Detailed medical clinical examination (incl. musculoskeletal and neurological examination) yes yes yes
Spiroergometry (breathing gas measurement with ECG under stress) yes yes yes
Abdominal ultrasound yes yes yes
Broad laboratory examination of blood and urine yes yes yes
Measurement of body composition (body fat percentage and muscle mass by IDXA) yes yes yes
Comprehensive Aging Medicine Assessment of Functional Skills yes yes yes
Funktionsmessungen / Geriatrisches Assessment yes yes yes
From the age of 70: comprehensive frailty risk assessment no no yes
Costs CHF 2’400 CHF 2’800 CHF 3’600

If required, we will be happy to organize additional examinations for you at other clinics in the University Hospital Zurich on the basis of the results of the Healthy & Active Aging Check-up. The costs for these additional examinations will be charged separately; they are not included in the flat rate.

A fee of CHF 500.- will be charged for the final consultation if Prof. Bischoff-Ferrari participates (max. 45 min).

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