Portrait Jean-Claude Fauchère

Jean-Claude Fauchère
Prof. Dr. med.


Tel. +41 44 255 35 84


Erythropoietin for repair of cerebral injury in very preterm infants

A first project called “Erythropoietin for repair of cerebral injury in very preterm infants” is a randomized controlled trial which will test the hypothesis that EPO is beneficial when intraventricular haemorrhage (IVH) occurred as suggested by previously published retrospective observational studies. The new “EPO-Repair trial” will only include infants with IVH, and EPO or placebo will be given subsequently. The main endpoint will be neurodevelopmental assessment at 5 years, the second endpoints MRI at term equivalent and neurodevelopmental assessment at 2 years, respectively.

Communication between families and the health care team in perinatal intensive care: The FamKom study

In this study, we investigate the quality of communication and counselling of health care professionals with parents of seriously ill newborns. Our aim is to gain a better insight into the counselling process. In particular, we investigate the discussion/communication strategies used by professionals and parents to deal with these situations and the differences and similarities in consultations. In addition, the material is suitable for training purposes and we will develop a flow chart for counselling and the decision-making process.

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