Research activities in surgery and wound healing of the Department of Dermatology

Research group Jürg Hafner

Main Fields of Research

  • Dermatology in severely ill patients
  • Dermatologic surgery and surgical oncology
  • Dermatology in immunosuppression
  • Dermatologic angiology and phlebology
  • Wound healing

Group Member

Barysch Marjam, Dr. med.
Bruckert Sabine, Dr. med.
Greis Christian, Dr. med.
Läuchli Severin, PDDr. med.
Muggli David, Dr. med.
Murer Carla, Dr. med.
Nobbe Stephan, Dr. med.
Wolfensperger Maya, Dr. med.
Anzengruber Florian, Dr. med.
Kockaert Michael, Dr. med.
Meier-Schiesser Barbara, Dr. med.
Buset Caroline, Dr. med.
Verardi Fabio , Dr. med.
Weber Benedikt
Deinsberger Julia
Weber Florine
Gujan Philomena


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