Research group PD Dr. Christian Haslinger

Main Field of Research, Abstract

Focus of our study group is to improve prophylaxis, anticipation and treatment of postpartum hemorrhage (PPH), one of the main reasons for maternal morbidity and mortality in Switzerland as well as worldwide. We published clinically relevant data on the influence of intrahepatic cholestasis of pregnancy, blood coagulation factors before delivery, maternal blood group, induction of labor, time of initiation of active pushing in the second phase of labor, timing of manual removal of the placenta postpartum, vacuum-induced tamponade, and embolization of uterine arteries on maternal postpartum blood loss in major journals of our discipline. Our focus in the next years will be on new treatment options for PPH: the role of blood coagulation factor XIII and vacuum-induced tamponade. Based on our previous research, both therapeutic approaches are very promising and might change the way we treat PPH up to date.


  • Department of Pathology and molecular Pathology USZ (Dr. Reinehr): angiogenic and anti-angiogenic factors in placentas
  • Perinatal Pharmacology and Biochemistry (PD Dr. Simões-Wüst): Bryophyllum pinatum for treatment of preterm labor
  • Nephrology USZ (PD Dr. Seeger): TransBioLine study – Novel Glomerular Urinary Biomarkers
  • Center for MR-Research University Children’s Hospital Zurich (PD Dr. Dr. A. Jakab): 3D structure of the developing human fetal brain
  • Department of Women and Children’s Health, King’s College London, UK (Dr. C. Ovadia): Intrahepatic Cholestasis of Pregnancy

Main Fields of Research, Keywords

Postpartum Hemorrhage, PPH, blood coagulation factor XIII, vacuum-induced tamponade, postpartum bleeding


Group Members

Dr. R. Brun (consultant USZ)
Dr. E. Kapfhammer (consultant USZ)
Dr. E. Ranieri (consultant USZ)
Dr. M.-L. Frevert (consultant)
L. Bazzi (dissertation candidate)
A. Dolder (study nurse)


Dr. D. Franke (dissertation thesis 2021)
Dr. A. Fiedler (dissertation thesis 2021)
Dr. K. Sturzenegger (dissertation thesis 2016)
E. Eigenmann (master thesis 2022)
K. Weber (master thesis 2021)
J. Zepf (master thesis 2018)
D. Randegger (master thesis 2017)
E. Spörri (master thesis 2017)
K. Winter (master thesis 2017)


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