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Establishing internationally valid measurements for surgical care to define good patient outcomes and improve our healthcare system. The international consensus conference OUTCOME4MEDICINE has the ambitious goal to unite medical opinions worldwide on how outcomes after medical interventions should be assessed, interpreted, and communicated.


Careum Auditorium
Pestalozzistrasse 11
8032 Zurich

Zurich, 8th – 10th June 2022

08.06.2022consensus conference OUTCOME4MEDICINE
09.06.2022consensus conference OUTCOME4MEDICINE
10.06.2022consensus conference OUTCOME4MEDICINE


14.00Registration and Exhibition open
15.30 – 16.00Welcome Ceremony with musical accompaniment 
Pierre – Alain Clavien
Milo Puhan
16.00 – 17.40Opening lectures

“Redefining Academic Medicine“
Victor Dzau

„Effects of climate change on Swiss Surgeons“
Alexander Puzrin

„Systemic Racism“
Michele Goodwin

17.45 – 18.45Aperitif

8.00Registration and Exhibition open
9.00 – 10.45Panel 1: Outcomes after Surgical and Medical Interventions from a Patient Perspective
Chair: Christoph A. Meier
Moderators: Arnaud Perrier, Reto SchüpbachPanel 2: Outcomes after Surgical and Medical Interventions from a Care Provider Perspective
(Doctor, Nurses)
Chair: Han-Kwan Yang
Moderators: George N. Thalmann, Benno Ure
10.45 – 11.10Coffee break
11.10 – 11.55Panel 3: Outcomes after Surgical and Medical Interventions from a Payer Perspective
Chair: Thomas Szucs
Moderators: Ralph Fritsch, Tim Pawlik
12.00 – 12.45Medtronic Lunch Symposium:
„Focus on Outcomes through Value-Based Healthcare – How can we bring it to life?“
Andreas Zuckermann, MD, Professor, Department of Cardiac Surgery, Medical University of Vienna
12.45 – 13.30Lunch
13.30 – 15.30Panel 4: Outcomes after Surgical and Medical Interventions from a State/ Government/ Society Perspective
Chair: Thomas Zeltner
Moderators: Martin Frey, Christian Gerber

Panel 8: Public Reporting of Outcome Data

Chair: Tanja Stamm
Moderators: Gabriela Senti, Viktor von Wyl
15.30 – 16.00Coffee break
16.00 – 17.00“Will Climate Change Shape the World?”
Reto Knutti
Moderator: Milo Puhan
19.00Social Event (Uto Kulm, Üetliberg)

8.00Registration and Exhibition open
9.00 – 10.45Panel 6: Benchmarking of Surgical Procedures
Chair: Jeffrey Barkun
Moderators: Salome Dell, Dieter Hanhloser

Panel 7: High Risk Patients
Chair: Mike Grocott
Moderators: Isabelle Schmitt-Opitz, Matthias Turina

10.45 – 11.15Coffee break
11.15 – 12.05Panel 5: Outcomes after Surgical and Medical Interventions from a Legal and Ethical Perspective
Chair: Samia Hurst
Moderators: Eduardo Montalvo, Luca Regli
12.10 – 12.55Laubscher Lunch Symposium:
Hernia Surgery of the Future
„The potential of new technologies for more quality in standardization, training and outcomes“
Ulrich A. Dietz, MD, Professor, Department of Abdominal, Vascular and Thoracic Surgery, Cantonal Hospital Olten
12.10 – 12.55Swiss Medical Network Lunch Symposium:
„Swiss Medical Networks innovation strategy and multidisciplinary approach on cancer treatments“
Dino Cauzza, CEO SMN
Oscar Matzinger, MD, Professor, Radio-oncologist, President Genolier Cancer Centers
Daniel Christen, MD, Visceral Surgeon, Head Physician Privatklinik Bethanien, Consultant department for surgery and transplantation University Hospital Zurich
12.55 – 13.40Lunch
13.40 – 14.40Panel 9: Consideration of Cultural and Demographic Differences in Outcome Interpretation
Chair: Betsy Tuttle
Moderators: Henri Bounameaux, Tanja Krones
14.40 – 15.40Closing Statement
Pierre – Alain Clavien; Milo Puhan

Verantwortliche Fachpersonen

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