Oncology Seminar Series 2022

We cordially invite you to the 2022 Oncology Seminar Series of the Comprehensive Cancer Center Zurich. The weekly seminar series brings together clinicians, scientists, caregivers and collaboration partners in the field of oncology. Invited speakers and CCCZ faculty present state-of-the-art knowledge and latest developments in cancer medicine and cancer research at Grand Rounds, scientific, clinical and educational lectures.


Joint Cancer Meetings: Online (via Zoom)
Grand Rounds / OSS: Hybrid (via Zoom und kleiner Hörsaal PATH C22)


1 SGMO (except CCCZ Joint Cancer Meetings)

This event regularly takes place on Mondays.

21.03.202217.00 - 18.00 UhrJoint Cancer Meeting
28.03.202217.00 - 18.00 UhrOSS
04.04.202217.00 - 18.00 UhrGrand Round
11.04.202217.00 - 18.00 UhrOSS
02.05.202217.00 - 18.00 UhrGrand Round
09.05.202217.00 - 18.00 UhrOSS
16.05.202217.00 - 18.00 UhrJoint Cancer Meeting
23.05.202217.00 - 18.00 UhrOSS
30.05.202217.00 - 18.00 UhrOSS
13.06.202217.00 - 18.00 UhrOSS
20.06.202217.00 - 18.00 UhrOSS
27.06.202217.00 - 18.00 UhrOSS
04.07.202217.00 - 18.00 UhrGrand Round
11.07.202217.00 - 18.00 UhrAsco
22.08.202217.00 - 18.00 UhrOSS - hybrid
29.08.202217.00 - 18.00 UhrJoint Cancer Meeting - virtual
05.09.202217.00 - 18.00 UhrGrand Round
19.09.202217.00 - 18.00 UhrJoint Cancer Meeting - virtual
26.09.202217.00 - 18.00 UhrOSS
03.10.202217.00 - 18.00 UhrGrand Round
24.10.202217.00 - 18.00 UhrOSS
31.10.202217.00 - 18.00 UhrOSS
07.11.202217.00 - 18.00 UhrOSS
14.11.202217.00 - 18.00 UhrOSS
21.11.202217.00 - 18.00 UhrJoint Cancer Meeting - virtual
21.11.202217.00 - 18.00 UhrJoint Cancer Meeting
28.11.202217.00 - 18.00 UhrOSS
05.12.202217.00 - 18.00 UhrGrand Round
12.12.202217.00 - 18.00 UhrOSS


21.03.2022Joint Cancer Meeting
28.03.2022Oncology Seminar Series (title & speaker tbc)
04.04.2022Grand Round: Patient reported outcome and decision regret after radical treatment of localized prostate cancer
K. Hoffmann, MD Anderson Cancer Centre (tbc)
11.04.2022Oncology Seminar Series (title & speaker tbc)
02.05.2022Grand Round:Proteogenomics in lymphoma
Thomas Oellerich, Dep. of Medical Oncology and Hematology, University Hospital FrankfurtHybrid (via Zoom und kleiner Hörsaal PATH C22)
09.05.2022Liposarcoma: the basics, conventional systemic treatment options and translation of preclinical evidence into potentially practice-changing clinical trials

Patrick Schöffski, UZ Leuven, BelgiumHybrid (via Zoom und kleiner Hörsaal PATH C22)

16.05.2022Joint Cancer Meeting
23.05.2022Thoracic ‐Tumors
Alessandra Curioni
30.05.2022Radiotherapy boost for anal cancer: why not with brachytherapy?
Primoz Petric, Dep. of Radiation Oncology, USZ
13.06.2022Breast‐ and Gyn‐Cancers
Bernhard Pestalozzi
20.06.2022Update EHA
A. Theocharides / M. Roncador / K. Hofer / JD Studt / P. Kachel
27.06.2022Hyperthermia: Current Indications and Research Developments
Oliver Riesterer, Dep. of Radiation Oncology, Kantonsspital Aarau
04.07.2022Grand Round: Imaging for personalised radiation oncology
Anca-L. Grosu, Dep. of Radiation Oncology, University of Freiburg, Germany
11.07.2022UPDATE ASCO
Anja Lorch – urogenitale Tumoren, Alessandra Curioni – Lunge
Gabriel Schär – Gyn Tumoren
Panagiotis Balermpas- Radioonkologie
Reinhard Dummer – Haut, Bernhard Pestalozzi – Brust
Ralph Fritsch – GI , Christian Britschgi – Sarkome
Andreas Wicki – CRC & Precision Oncology
22.08.2022Neural Progenitor Cells and Cognitive Sequelae of Brain Radiation

Kristin Redmond, Radiation Oncology and Molecular Radiation Sciences, Johns Hopkins Sidney Kimmel Comprehensive Cancer Center (via ZOOM)

29.08.2022Joint Cancer Meeting (online)
Christian Münz, Dario Neri, Markus Manz
05.09.2022Grand Round : Precision Oncology
Michielin Olivier
19.09.2022Joint Cancer Meeting (online)
Emanuela Felley-Bosco, Holger Moch (Chantal Pauli), Lorenza Penengo
26.09.2022Intra-operative Breast Implantation: advantages, experiences and results
Marta Gimeno Morales, University of Pamplona, Spain
03.10.2022Grand Round: Emerging radiotherapy concepts for localized prostate cancer
Linda Kerkmeijer, Dep. Of Radiation Oncology, Radboud University Medical Center, Netherlands
24.10.2022Pancreatic cancer
Ralph Fritsch, Dep. of Medical Oncology and Hematology, USZ
31.10.2022MRI-Linac based radiotherapy – clinical experience and evolving evidence
Luca Baldini, Department of Cancer Radiation Therapy, Policlinico Gemelli, Rome, Italy
07.11.2022Grand Round – GU Tumors
Anja Lorch, Dep. of Medical Oncology and Hematology, USZ
14.11.2022Multiple Myeloma
Rouven Müller, Dep. of Medical Oncology and Hematology, USZ
21.11.2022Joint Cancer Meeting (online)
Gunnar Rätsch, Gerhard Rogler, Didier Surdez
28.11.2022„A Rose is a Rose is a Rose is a Rose“, but exactly what is proton therapy?
Damien Weber, Paul Scherrer Institute
05.12.2022Grand Round: FLASH Radiotherapy

Jean Bourhis, CHUV Lausanne

12.12.2022OSS MOH: Update ASH (tbc) 

Important Information

  • No registration is required
  • Zoom Meeting Link is provided before each meeting


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Matthias Guckenberger, Prof. Dr. med.

Klinikdirektor, Klinik für Radio-Onkologie

Spezialgebiete: Therapie des Lungen Karzinom, Therapie des Prostata Karzinom, Therapie von Oligometastasen

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