Third Zurich Precision-Oncology Symposium

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Fast-evolving treatment options and emerging technologies continue to advance the field of Precision Oncology.


Virtual event




3.00 - 7.15 pm



3rd Zurich Precision-Oncology Symposium

The 3nd Precision Oncology Symposium of the Comprehensive Cancer Center Zurich will bring together oncologists, cancer scientists and data experts to discuss latest developments and future directions of targeted treatment strategies.


3.00 pmWelcome
Andreas Wicki, University Hospital
Christian Britschgi, University Hospital Zurich
3.05 pmTargeted therapies NSCLC – implications for comprehensive treatment strategy
Rafał Dziadziuszko, Department of Oncology and Radiotherapy of the Medical University
of Gdansk, Poland
3.35 pmMelanoma therapy: precision approaches are essential
Reinhard Dummer, University Hospital Zurich
4.05 pmChances and challenges – precision in GI Oncology
Florian Lordick, University Hospital Leipzig
4.35 pmSpatial biology in intestinal homeostasis and cancer
Andreas Moor, ETH Zurich
5.05 pmBreak
5.35 pmBiology and Vulnerabilities of Circulating Tumor Cells
Nicola Acetto, ETH Zurich
6.05 pmIdentifying combination therapies with functional precision medicine
Anthony G. Letai, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Boston
6.35 pmA national precision cancer medicine implementation initiative: Prototype learning ecosystem for precision oncology
Kjetil Tasken, Oslo University Hospital, Norway
7.05 pmWrap-up
Andreas Wicki, University Hospital
Christian Britschgi, University Hospital Zurich

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