Clinical ethics

Clinical ethics deals with specific solutions to difficult clinical decisions. We review ethical issues of varying scope from day-to-day clinical practice, including the rare occasion when a situation is critical. Our individual case consultations are designed for patients and their relatives as well as the treatment team.

We want to help all those involved by taking a reflected and neutral view and support patients and families in making decisions in difficult situations.

We focus on questions such as:

  • Should a specific therapy with numerous side effects be continued even if a cure is not possible?
  • What should be done when adolescent patients have differing opinions to their parents?
  • Can an advance directive also be effective in an emergency? What should be done if no advance directive has been written and there is a crisis situation?
  • What are the options when the treating physicians have differing opinions?
  • How should patients who were forcibly confined be supported?
  • How should culturally different conceptions of health and disease be dealt with?

Additional information

The clinical ethics team also offers training sessions for employees at the University Hospital Zurich. The clinical ethics committee and all other responsible parties formulate key recommendations and guidance on relevant ethical issues affecting the entire hospital. We work with national and international bodies and are involved in various research projects in the field of clinical ethics.

Contact Clinical ethics office

Tel. +41 44 255 34 70
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